NEED immersive reality, is a high-end virtual reality studio.

We handle/process complex 3D models created by conventional CAD programs (solidworks, catia, rhino, allplan, vectorworks etc) and transform them into integrative high-quality VR applications focused on interactions, storytelling and premium-quality visualizations.

Suitable for the following sectors:
automotive industry, buildings industry, architects, engeneering, life-sience, universities & education institutions etc.mail.


We transform your CAD-data into virtual stories and bring it to life.

global vr collaboration – we digitize!

Using VR to meet in virtual space can effectivly cut down on business travel costs and time while increasing efficiency, productivity as well as your ecological footprint.


Digital Twin & MultiUser Mode

3D models can even be superior to their reality-based counterparts as we offer a higher degree of visualization and accessibility then possible in reality.

vr home presentations

Your costumers will see and feel their homes in advance.

how it works

  • contact us

    You provide the 3D model you want to have visualized. If you do not have a 3D model yet, we offer an additional service for the 3D modeling.

  • data check

    Your 3D model will be subjected to intense analysis.

  • individual requets

    We want to satisfy your individual preferences and we will coordinate your wishes regarding interaction, materials, eg..

  • offer

    According to your needs Brauchst will provide you with a non-binding offer with individual solutions

contact request


NEED immersive reality

Klosterwiesgasse 14, 8010 Graz (Austria)

+43 699 190 262 88